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Your doctor on Klara will...
  • Find a treatment that works for you
  • Follow up with you on your skin problems
  • Answer your questions
  • Not keep you waiting
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Follow-up appointments for my chronic skin condition just got bearable with Klara.

Laura, Klara customer

I used to be too busy to visit a dermatologist - but with Klara, I can see a doctor quickly and at my convenience.

Tom, Klara customer

With Klara, I can connect with my dermatologist even while traveling.

Stephanie, Klara customer

Until I tried Klara, I was too embarrassed to see a doctor when I thought I had an STD.

Nina, Klara customer

I can use Klara to get a quick and reliable diagnosis for my child's skin conditions.

Benjamin, Klara customer

Connect to your doctor online

Carefully designed to provide you the most secure and convenient way to communicate with your dermatologist.

  • Comfortable & flexible

    Communicate with your doctor when it's convenient for you.

  • Peace of mind

    Feel safe with a diagnosis from a board-certified dermatologist.

  • Personal

    An online service as meaningful as an in-person visit.

  • Secure & private

    Klara protects your personal data in accordance with HIPAA.